The consoles wars ultimately boil down to one thing, which platform succumbs to the world of piracy once a console has been given the capability of playing games burned on a DVD? The Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 were victims of this in the early phases of their release and it took a good few years for George Hotz to work on a “jailbreak” for the PS3 to allow games to be played from the hard drive which led to a whole other debacle.

It now appears that the famous scene hacker, Iriez, has been up on the IRC EFnet lobby and hanging around in the “#xbonehack” lobby and dropping some hints that they are practically on cloud 9 right now as a major exploit has been discovered that can make the Xbox One play backup games.

While the chat log of theirs is only existent on Pastebin, according to Iriez, the exploit is now in the discovery phase and is making its way to the development phase.

Another Xbox Hacker by the handle of TyDye8, seems to corroborate his fellow hackers excitement when he goes on to say:

[16:07.40] <@tydye81> nah this is super old news
[16:07.44] <@tydye81> to anyone with common sense
[16:08.07] <@tydye81> they encrypt all the xvd files wth private key then put the public key on the console
[16:08.11] <@tydye81> so only it can decrypt them
[16:08.14] <@tydye81> then theres signing lol
[16:08.20] <@tydye81> sure you can look at the files
[16:08.28] <@tydye81> but thats been done months ago
[16:08.55] <@tydye81> iriez did find something
[16:09.12] <@tydye81> but hes freakin out over something I dont think he quite understands yet..

Here is the full IRC Chat log between Iriez and the lobby, I have made the points of significance bold.

From #xbonehack:  
[3:08pm] <Iriez> wow
[3:08pm] <Iriez> wowowowowowow
[3:08pm] <Iriez> I just got GREAT news for xboxone hacking
[3:09pm] <+giglife> Iriez ¦ I just got GREAT news for xboxone hacking | lets hear the big news
[3:10pm] <Iriez> lets just say its already done.
[3:10pm] <Iriez> games over
[3:10pm] <Iriez> :)
[3:11pm] <herbz42o> homebrew?
[3:22pm] <Iriez> goddamn im f****** excited
[3:22pm] <Iriez> There's no beans to spill
[3:23pm] <Iriez> it what it is :)
[3:23pm] <Iriez> We will see examples within the following months....right now is the discovery phase, development must be done
[3:49pm] <+Iriez> think of the most radical situation that could have possibly happened. The thing that would most hurt the security
[3:49pm] <+Iriez> the thing that others have tried to get for other consoles and never succeeded (though they did with ps3)
[3:49pm] <+Iriez> thats what happened
[3:49pm]  keys?
[3:49pm] <@hordak> keys?
[3:49pm] <@hordak> heh
[3:49pm] * +Iriez neener neener not sayin
[3:49pm] <@hordak> yes then
[3:50pm] <+Iriez> well, theoretically if the keys were leaked
[3:50pm] <+Iriez> IF....
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> public key is stored on cpu die
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> ..... :-)
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> new hardware would need to be rolled out
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> and even then
[3:51pm]  oh nice
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> how are they going to prevent files signed with the old key from working
[3:51pm] <+Iriez> if they change their public/private pair?
[3:52pm] <+Iriez> welcome to the beggining of a new age!
[3:53pm] <+Iriez> xboxone full homebrew will likely be a reality in a short time
[4:01pm] <+Iriez> who said anyone found the private key ? :)
[4:01pm] <+Blackwolf> i got that refrence kl0wn
[4:01pm]  so this will be the easiest hack ever than to apply. Literally just a dashboard update thats been hacked up
[4:01pm] <+Blackwolf> lol
[4:01pm]  like the ps3
[4:01pm] <+Blackwolf> high five
[4:02pm] <+Iriez> ....perhaps ; )

As you can see, Iriez is definitely excited about something but is very adamant to share their findings. Piracy is definitely a gray area of debate where even developers such as CDPR (Projekt Red) & Minecraft’s creator, Notch. Don’t consider piracy to be a threat. This thought is mutually shared by (mostly) indie developers who believe that their audiences will support the developer if they pirate a game.

I wouldn’t get too excited about this news just yet, there was a lesser known news about a supposed PS4 jailbreak that happened somewhere near after the release of the console but of course this didn’t catch much traction and was quickly dismissed.

The above statement can also be taken as a false positive when we look at the following statement from

I have witnessed the excitement of many console hackers in the past for wrong reasons. People who thought they had found a kernel exploit on the PSP but were only looking at the wrong data dump. People who thought they had found a major flaw on a system, only to realize it was actually their debugging tool that was having a problem. Or, very often, people getting very excited for what only represents 1% of the total amount of work to achieve.

Could This Be Another Tale of Crying Wolf or Is There Some Element of Truth Here? Can This Turn The Tide in the Console Wars? Let’s Wait and See. So as you can see, The homebrew could just be another false positive and perhaps fade away with time. So far I believe that video game console manufacturers have upped their game in an effort to curb piracy, majority of the new consoles have yet to be properly hacked such as the Wii-U, Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita. (This is true to the current extent of my knowledge, by hacked I am trying to imply the ability to play pirated games burned on a disc or from a hard drive the way that has become famous for the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3.)

So for now, take this news as you will and take it with some grains of salt. Whether or not the hacker will live up to their word is only a test of time.

I know for sure that a homebrew for the console can definitely help bolster hardware sales but Microsoft will have to burn the midnight oil to push software sales to the same or equivalent level, but they were able to do so with the Xbox 360 with games such as Halo 4 and the Gears of War series so lets not under estimate the company just yet.