Consoles are indeed a glorious gift, but sadly the problem with current generation consoles is portability, where the PS1 and PS2 days saw us carrying a plethora of wires along with the consoles we had to sacrifice wires for size with the PS3 and PS4, the same can be said for the Xbox and the Xbox 360 in their respective times. While a console is still pretty portable there is always the ever so pestering problem of carrying the console to a friends house and if you want to play a game on LAN with them you will need a separate TV / Monitor. What if I told you that now you can have an All in One solution to your console carrying problems for double the cost of your console? If you are an individual who:

  • Frequently carries their console to LAN parties.
  • Are fed up with using a shared TV in your house to play games.
  • Frequently travels.

or any other scenario that hinders you from enjoying your Xbox One without the connection of a TV then I am sure that this guy is the answer to your prayers!

Meet Eddie Zarick, he is a modern day Ben Heck (A gifted individual who was able to make the PS3 / Xbox 360 into portable form factors) While Eddie had also managed to make the Xbox 360 portable and naming it the Xbook 360 it seems that Eddie Zarick has won the console portability race and has put the Xbox One into a portable form factor. How portable is the console? Albeit you still have to do a bit of carrying but in the end you just need a SINGLE cable attached to the back of the console and voila! You are ready to game without the dependence of a nearby television set or monitor! All you need is a stable power outlet and you are ready to game. This is indeed a God send for those of you who suffer from various situations that don’t allow them to enjoy their Xbox One gaming experience to the fullest and are willing to shell out some extra money to be able to take their console on the go.

Keep in mind though, this is probably grounds for voiding your warranty, but considering the die size of the GPU / CPU on the new generation consoles, you would have to be playing next to a furnace or volcano for hours on end to achieve the feat of overheating your system.

And this is what the console looks like if you don’t have the chance to see the amazing YouTube video:

As you can see, Eddie really puts a lot of effort into his work. You can visit his sites below for further details:

Are you curious about the costs of getting your hands of something like this? Here are the details taken straight from the site:

XBOOK ONE 500GB with Kinect – $1,495.00

XBOOK ONE 500GB w/o Kinect – $1,395.00

XBOOK ONE (You provide xbox one) – 1,095.00

to include HDMI Out   –  $50.00

Flat Rate Shipping of $75.00 to 48 US States Please contact me first if your international or at a APO or similar.

Considering how he is going to the effort of integrating a 22″ LED screen with some absolutely ear deafening speakers, a custom built chassis, integrating 2 power supplies under one hood, completely reorganizing the Xbox One into a more portable form factor and doing all this stuff almost all on his own, I would say that the prices are absolutely justified considering how we can write this off as a VERY long term investment, for the price of ~$1000 you are getting the assurance that your Xbox One will always be at the ready to play games without the need of having reliance on an available television / monitor and the only hassle you have to actually deal with is carrying the game discs and controllers. The console runs on a single cable and considering the bulky Xbox One power brick is, you are saving yourself a lot of carriage.

All in all, I can easily say that this guy has indeed achieved a unique feat for gamers everywhere. Before you write this guy off as a “sham” or a “con artist” or say his work is over priced, why don’t you go through the trouble of trying to achieve what he has and replicating it without going above the costs that he is proposing considering the equipment he has ready on hand. While technically the current Xbox One also just needs “one cable” to run if you exclude the HDMI cable, you should keep in mind that the cable runs through the power brick, a hefty item which in itself is a task worthy of Sisyphus especially if you move your console around a lot.

So what do you guys say? Who among you is willing to try out this guys service?