Some leaked images of Microsoft’s next major operating system have surfaced today. The new screenshots show that  Windows 9 will mark the return of the popular ‘Start Menu’. The images shows a Metro UI Start Menu, the old style pop-up start menu, much like Windows 7 and previous versions of the Windows operating system. While the Start Screen found on Windows 8 will be removed.


Windows 9 preview build 9788 was found in Microsoft’s database, indicating that it will be released after Windows 8.1 Update 2. The latter is expected to arrive sometime in August, which means that the Windows 9 preview build 9788 should hopefully arrive in Q4 2014.

While Windows 9 will retain the much bashed Metro UI, as its become a key trademark in Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Xbox One. Microsoft will work to attract die-hard desktop users by implementing some Windows 7-esque features. Windows 9 will ditch the Metro ‘Start Screen’ and opt for a more traditional start menu, much like that of Windows 7. As far as functionality goes, the left column on the Metro inspired start menu will house all your Metro UI apps and a search box. While the right column will include power options, user account settings and recently used apps. Amongst other things, Windows 9 will also support Microsoft’s new DirectX 12, which is expected to bring major improvements in gaming.

Many believe Windows 9 will be a step in the right-direction, after experimentation with Windows 8’s Metro inspired interface did not please many. Microsoft is hopeful to attract die-hard desktop users back, and Windows 9 seems to be Microsoft’s answer. Although, details are still short, the preview build will reveal more in a couple of months.

Source: PC Beta