The recent release of Wolf Among Us episode 3 is the queue for the upcoming episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 to come out, while TellTale has been hush on the game and its release date it seems that Steam has already got the achievements in their archives.

This goes without saying but there WILL be spoilers should you decide to indulge yourself in the link to satisfy your curiosity.

The ending of Episode 2 had jaws dropping all over the floor and especially taking your key decisions into mind, you can easily expect the game to tailor a hell of a ride for you to look forward to as we proceed towards the halfway point of the season story.

This is perhaps the first time that we have had the achievements of this particular game make an appearance, normally these kind of appearances are reserved for AAA titles and are quickly put up on exophase, but this is probably a first for the series and should give you a general idea that maybe the episodes release date is sooner than we think.

The achievements do hold some direct spoilers to the episode but if you already played the first two episodes and sat through both the teasers then you really don’t have MUCH to worry about, but if you are still one who is sensitive about spoilers then I highly recommend you don’t click on the source since the descriptions also have a lot of spoilers in them.

What really strikes me as odd in the achievements is the misplacement of the achievement to complete the chapter when there are 3 other achievements below it, meaning these are optional achievements such as what the player had to pursue in 400 days DLC or in Wolf Among Us.

Then again, maybe the placement will be fixed once the final episode is out? Although optional achievements in Telltales games do allow for more exploration and opportunities, this especially true for Wolf Among Us when going for the “Librarian” achievements every episode, which has you unlock all the books of fables entries as you play the game. These allow you to explore paths less traveled and see stuff you wouldn’t have seen had you not gone achievement hunting.

For those who are not able to see the source, I am attaching the screenshot of the achievements below: (Spoilers ahead!)


Source: Steam Community