The Walking Dead Season 1 managed to build quite a repute for itself. The game was a masterpiece from the studio that had now become versed in the world of point and click adventure games and this was the project that would send them to the moon.

While the game had a superb reception across all platforms despite many bugs plaguing the games such as save game corruption, stuttering, disappearing characters and the atrocious job of the disc version on 4GB Xbox 360 consoles, but all of that was overlooked because of how amazing the game was in terms of narration, progression, story and of course some of the hardest decisions you will probably ever make in a story tailored around how your actions influence a little girls perception about her new caregiver.

It appears that TellTale has been planning a stealth release of the game for quite some time since the listing for both games is still standing on GameStop.

You Can see the PS4 version Here


and the Xbox One version Here


The game comes bundled with all 5 Episodes of Season 1 and also includes the bonus episode of 400 Days which plays an integral role for Season 2 (the first appearance of a 400 Days character was in Season 2 Episode 2 and considering the teaser I will wager there will be more in the coming episodes).

Considering the Twitter account for Telltale games has been quite hush about any media regarding Season 2 Episode 3 it would seem that these two versions along with the upcoming Vita version might have them running the ship with all hands on deck since the studio is also working on a Game of Thrones game and Tales from Borderlands.

Whether or not Telltale has revamped the engine to deliver improvements in the experience is definitely the million dollar question here but I don’t see how you can improve on cell shaded graphics.

“Keep That Hair Short” (With TressFX?)For now, these can be labeled as “rumors” but this is the strongest listing I have ever seen on such a prominent site, I would say that the news is more or less trust worthy and you can indeed be very optimistic on a release of the game, the only question on my mind is whether or not the game will see a simultaneous digital release.

So what do you think of the release? I am pretty confident that this release does seem very likely but then again we might just be experiencing an alternate case of “GTA V PC” syndrome.

Let’s wait and see what lies in store for us.