A while back we covered How To: Connect your Xbox 360 Controller to Android Devices. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do that with the Xbox One Controllers. Heck, we weren’t even able to get them to work with PC, well not until now. The awesome Lucas Assis has modified the ToCA Xbox 360 control pad emulator to work with the Xbox One Controller and made it available for download for Windows users (nothing for Mac/Linux yet). It’s still incomplete and a little buggy, but there have been good responses so far.

Lucas on his Youtube Video:

Warning again, this was developed on under a day, I’m releasing due to a high number of people asking for it. It works, and it works great, but it’s not really that easy to install (involves installing another 2 programs, both which are open-source and adware free). I recommend XPadder for setting up the gamepad to keys, or x360ce for XInput games (but I WON’T give support for x360ce, DON’T EVEN ask me about it)…

See the video above for a step by step guide on how to do this. You can download the Modified Gamepad below or see the Original video on YouTube.

XboxGamePad V1.0