It comes with no surprise, to see a PC gamer struggling with our modern-day console controllers. Many find difficulty in adjusting themselves to the new experience, and some just don’t feel comfortable with a DualShock in hand. However Japanese manufacturer GameTech with its launch of Tsunaident4 MAX has arrived to save the day as dualshockers mentioned. Console players can now enjoy the luxury of  attaching any USB mouse and Keyboard to their PlayStation 4.

To make the experience even better and more close to console gaming a special vibrating wristband will also be included in the package.  The device is not only compatible with the PS4 but will also be made available for older versions of Sony’s consoles i.e PS3.

The device is expected to arrive on 6th of August in Japan. The price tag for the amazing device is around ¥ 10,584 as mentioned by amazon japan. The plans for a western release for the product are still unknown. Portions of the gaming community believe the step has been taken to attract PC orientated gamers who aren’t ready to invest a huge amount on a custom PC for a 1080p experience.

Here are a few screenshots of the device





Recently it was reveled that the PlayStation 4 had sold more than 25 million units, which has certainly allowed the console to gain a huge leap over its rival The Xbox One. With the introduction of third-party devices such as Tsunaident4 MAX the PS4 is only being made stronger and stronger. Microsoft needs to rethink its strategy to regain lost grounds.

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