Until Dawn is a drama horror survival game that has come a long way, developed by Supermassive games and publised by Sony Computer Entertainment the game was originally meant for the PlayStation 3 and even featured the PlayStation movie support however swift change in plans made the game to become a PlayStation 4 exclusive and it saw a release in August of this year.

The game did a fantastic job in scoring generally positive views, with Game Informers giving it a superb 9/10. The game was deemed ” simple yet effective “. However we did not see Sony pushing the game in the market fronts, as we hoped it would, which lead to many speculations. In an interview with PlayStationlifestyle Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida clarified that regional policy dynamics and budget had to play a role in what seems to be a lack of promotions. He said

Each region has its own marketing department with its own goals for a year and its own budget for the year. Of course there are lots of relations among the regions and Worldwide Studios, but differences could be based on the popularity, like of the genres or titles. Each marketing department makes the final decision how much a particular product gets pushed.

That said, sometimes games like Until Dawn find great reception from reviews and consumers after launch. In that case, some additional marketing push can be created to sustain the momentum post-launch. I hear great support continuing in all regions [for Until Dawn]. It’s not like Uncharted, but still, our marketing departments are responsive to the reactions from consumers.

Many still consider that Sony did not do justice to the title, which could have easily lead the game to become a strong hit for the PlayStation 4, even with the lofty promotions, however, Until Dawn did manage to impressive many as in its first week it went on to become Japan’s best selling weekly software and also managed to become the second best selling software for the week in the United Kingdom.

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