What makes a video game great? an incredible protagonist, amazing story or is it the art style. All the factors matter, alot, but a game that will truly make you fall in love with it, will need a brutal psychopath. Here’s a list of top 10 video game psychopaths that made our in-game moments more lovable.

10- Piggsy

Nothing describes a psychopath better than an obese man, wearing a skinned pigs head over his face and murdering his unfortunate victims with a chain saw in hand. Being only be able to utter a few words Piggsy was the tertiary antagonist Cash had to face in the game Manhunt. Piggsy was Starkweather’s star and his Director use to lock this star performer in an isolated attic. Piggsy was kept alive on the remains of dead human bodies, making this character a truly horrifying being.

9- Clement Darling

Appearing in the game The House Of The Dead: Overkill, Clement was the warden of a jail that was surprisingly built over an abandoned US military laboratory. The lab originally meant to create stronger soldiers found a new purpose when Clement first discovered it. Clement only cared about one person in his life, his mother. In an attempt to save her mother from the hands of death, Clement decide to transfer her brain in a youthful body but instead created an abomination known as “mother”.

8- St. John Family

From Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead comes a family that may seem to be a bit too kind in a post-apocalyptic world. The St. John family allowed Lee and the reset of the survivors to stay with them, unconvinced of such selflessness Lee did some investigation and found a small problem, the family often liked to eat their guests!

7- Needles Kane

Needles Kane is a very twisted character from the well-known franchise Twisted Metal and has not failed to appear in every single Twisted Metal game till date. In accordance with his latest interpretations, Kane was an average ice-cream man living a happy life with his family. Until something snapped, fed-up with his mundane life Kane went on to adopt a murderous life starting with the murder of his own family, only his daughter escaped.

6-  Trevor Phillips

Absolutely no list of murderous psychopaths can be completed without including Trevor. Belonging to Rock Star’s most successful and well know game Grand Auto Theft V, Trevor had is very rough in his early life heading the character to become a being with no empathy for human life. Trevor is violent, rude, completely irrational, and prides himself on having a successful career in crime.

5- The Joker

There are some hero’s that are made to be great partly due to a greater villain. The Joker has appeared in movies, comics and games alike. The thing that makes this psychopathy amazing is his high level intellect, and, with his haunting permanent grin, it is incredibly hard to read his intentions and demeanor.

4- Walter Sullivan

From the famous Silent Hill series Walter had to grow up in a very abusive household. Courtesy of the Order’s believes, Walter had become a religious fanatic in his adult life and in fulfilling macabre ritual called the 21 Sacraments he killed 19 people (which included 2 children). Walter murdered in various ways and often cut out his victims heart and engraved it with a number.

3- Kratos

The God Of War series is known for its brutality and Kratos is the games basic definition. Being tricked by the Gods into killing his own family Kratos goes on a rampage. Kratos extracts absolute revenge and takes out each member of the Olympian family in the most brutal ways imaginable.

2- Vaas

A well-known character from the Far Cry series. A fun fact Vaas originally didn’t exist in the early stages of production until Michael Mando’s audition, after which the character was created just because of him. The character has gain such fame that he is said to be the face of the installment. The character is such an unpredictable one that his own men have learned to fear him.

1- Kefka Palazzo

When its comes to crazies with a lust for bringing about death nothing beats this character from Final Fantasy VI.

” Read my lips—mercy is for wimps! There’s a reason “oppose” rhymes with “dispose”…If they get in your way, kill them! ”

Kefka is loud, short-tempered, maniacal, and destructive. His disdain for human life has no limits. To put thinks in light Kefka enslaves the main character, poisons a river just to hear the screams of the victims and even destroys the world in order to appoint himself as a good.