Black Friday is a phenomena that happens once every year. The event is amongst the biggest for the shopping industry, acting as a stimuli for transactions worth billions of dollars. As black Friday 2016 comes near big retailers are gearing up to introduce some amazing deals and here’s the ultimate guide that will help you in choosing the best deal, that suits your needs.

Though we see many amazing deals on their way but this with itself also brings a lot of confusion as we can see in case of reddit users. Gamers at reddit have made documents and lists of major retailer s and their respective deals for Black Friday. It is absolutely possible that the list may not cover all deals but it does offer a structured list of the best deals.

The list in form of a word document can be downloaded/viewed from here. The list includes software and hardware deals from Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and Gamestop. The best software deals are highlighted in green. Retailers such as Amazon and Sam’s Club are not included, but we got those deals listed for you.

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Black Friday is definitely one of the most busiest week day, starting from the year 2000. This year, Black Friday will kick off on November 27. A good day to buy allot a new stuff and save even a lot of money. Be sure to check out deals near you and have fun shopping.

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