“The scariest parts will be when you encounter enemies that cannot be killed with a gun,” Mikami grins. “Even if you shoot them they won’t die, so you’ll have to run or use a trap to beat them. That should be fun – and also scary.”The Evil Within comes from the brilliant mind of Shinji Mikami who has been recognized for his brilliant talents as “The father of survival horror” and is planning on making a comeback, after working on Shadows of the Damned in 2011, the master of horror is looking to get back in the saddle with “The Evil Within”, a game that will definitely reinvigorate the survival horror genre. The last survival horror game that Shinji Mikami worked on was Resident Evil 4 back in 2005 and since then the master has taken on less frightening projects and moved towards other types of genre. Shinji Mikami has stated that he is looking to do away with the current day tropes in video games and make guns ineffective against enemies, you will have to outrun or trap an enemy to be rid of them, just like the good ol’ days of gaming. The Evil Within is being developed by Tango Gameworks, A studio founded by Shinji Mikami with the sole aim of pursuing these kinds of projects and so far the previous trailers and screenshots truly make this game look terrifying, the teasers that led to the announcement of this game were almost too scary to grasp and that is the great thing, a good survival horror game has been a missed favorite for every survival horror fan and hopefully this game can help bring back a once forgotten genre. The new concept art shots show that the master of horror hasn’t lost his touch and still is capable of making us afraid of the dark, each screenshot shows an amazing setting and shows us potential locations for the game and in some what kind of foes we can expect to encounter. While Shinji Mikami hasn’t given us a release date for the game to allow us to mark it as a red letter day, it should be available sometime in the year, but I am optimistic on a Q3 / Q4 release date.