Bethesda has done an amazing job with Fallout 4, a feat which can be seen by the fact that the game is now the most played one on steam. Claiming a very positive reception and generating comments such as “Fallout 4 is an argument for substance over style, and an excellent addition to the revered open-world series”  from major publishers the game is all what we expected to be.

The setting of the game isn’t very player friendly nor too hostile, belonging to the role-playing genre the game is pretty straight forward and won’t confuse you much. However a few tips, before you start your game, will defiantly help you a lot especially if you’re unfamiliar with the series and are entering into the amazing world of Fallout with this latest installment.

Hording is not a bad thing: Fallout 4 is set in a world where every one wants you dead and every thing around you is wasteland. amongst the most important aspects of the game is collecting items, searching every bathroom, drawer and anything that can be opened is a must. Some items may initially feel to be of no to little value but as the game will progress you’ll learn that every item has a lot of worth when you need it. However you’ll also have to keep in mind the capacity of the items you can carry, simply dumping the items that you think can easily be found later or are too heavy will solve that problem.

Scraping is your major ally: Everything in the world of Fallout 4 is usable, and will allow you to modify your weapons and customize your settlements. For some this may feel like a bit of a stress due to the sheer possibilities and outcomes this feature of Fallout 4 brings. Every single cup, lamp, scrap, and tin you’ll find in the game will/can be used somewhere down the line. The biggest question you’ll face would be, how much is too much? To give you an idea scraping EVERY thing wont work, such as, the case with the gear it can be reduced to mere metal but do remember that the gear is an essential part for building up you settlements defenses. Think carefully and thoroughly, rash decisions wont help you.

Focusing on a single settlement can prove very beneficial:  Multiple settlements are easily and quickly unlocked with the progress of the game, a feature that all of these settlements will share is that they all will be a complete mess. Although the mess can be cleared out easily and turned useful with some scraping, it will require a lot of work. Improving and focusing on a single settlement, for the initial time, will clear up space much more quickly for you to start building. Managing multiple workshops, especially if you’re new to the game can prove to be a complete nightmare. However managing multiple sites so that you don’t get attacked is also fine and if you think you’re up for the task, let nothing stop you.

Don’t forget to build houses, beds and have a surplus of food, water for your settlers. Using wood, initially, for building houses/buildings would be beneficial as it is plentiful.

Power Armour and Fallout 4 are one: Fallout 4 wouldn’t be considered apart of the fallout series if there was no power Armour hence the reason its amongst one of the very early quests to build up one. However the important thing is to remember never ever abuse it. In the game energy is finite and energy powers you Armour, you’ll often find your self running out of energy and then hunting for power cores, so its important to note that one should only use the Armour in intense situation or for the main story-line. Keep it in one of your safest settlements and use it only when needed.

Understanding the benefits of “Perks”:  As polygon puts it ” Our advice is to take your time in reading about every perk, especially when it often requires the enhancement of multiple traits to cater to one’s play style.” Perks greatly influence your choice of style in-game, if you’re fond of ranged weaponry, you should improve strength, perception and agility, given that all three categories have relevant perks. On the other hand, you can focus on endurance if you absolutely hate dealing with all the radiation in the food, air and water. I would highly recommend that you consult the perk chart in the Pip-Boy, under Stat. This chart is handy since it shows both locked and unlocked perks, allowing you to plan your progression in advance.

Have any other tips for beginners? Share your opinions in the comment section below.