Virtual Reality or simply VR is indefinitely going to be the next major thing in gaming. With Sony’s VR head set due next year and news about Hololens, Oculus spreading like wild-fire on the internet allot to hype is being created around this new phenomenon, which is bound to change how we will play, our, video games in the not so far away future.

Although the release dates of these products are still a long way ahead of us, but competition and speculations about their commercial success or demise are already gaining a significant amount of pace. A recent report published by Greenlight VR reveals a very interesting development, that puts Sony’s VR head set in a comfortable position.

According to the greenlight, they compiled a very comprehensive data-set for Virtual Reality consumers. Analyzing data from about 2300 US-based consumers, which included parents, children and millennials, the aim of the survey was to induce an understanding of where do the people’s preferences, experience and knowledge about VR lay.

In a conclusion the report sated, Oculus to be popular amongst millennials, a good indicator with regards to future commercial success. However in the lead was Sony’s VR head set, which according to the report ”  had the strongest unaided consumer awareness from our sample.”

Sony VR


The concerns with the PlayStation VR headset may partly come in the pricing department. We now know that to offer and maintain smooth virtual reality experience, PS4 will have to anchorage power from a separate source called “Processing Unit,” or simply PU, as the hardware is outdated with regards to VR. The device, once connected with your console, will receive the signals from PS4, split them up, apply a boost and send them to you’re head-set and television. How much will this device actually cost is still under speculations.

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