Since it’s launch, Microsoft’s Xbox One was subject to much criticism due to a lack of performance the console whipped up. It’s direct rival Sony’s PlayStation 4 had been not only able to out perform the Xbox One in almost all categories but has even won IGN Peoples Choice Award. Hardware choices made by Microsoft placed their console at a much weaker position, though the companies engineers have, for the last two years, been trying to close the performance gap but a new development may prove their efforts to be unfruitful.

In-order to close the performance gap between  the Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 engineers at Microsoft worked hard and ultimately unlocked the console’s 7th processor. Keep in mind that both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One use 8-core AMD processor, with two of them being reserved for background operations. Although the 7th processors gives developers some performance boost, which potentially reduced the Xbox One and PS4’s performance gap, but it comes with sacrificing features such as voice commands.

As Geek reports “the bad news for Microsoft is that Sony has quietly rolled out a new Software Development Kit (SDK) to developers and it does the same thing (unlocks the 7th processor for developers)”. Although impact of this development has a long way to go before coming to the surface but the news itself places Sony’s PlayStation 4 at even a better position.

The end result would be simple, the performance gap between the two consoles will increase further. With future multi-platform releases, performance comparisons will be inevitable and may bring further criticism for Microsoft. However Xbox hasn’t lost yet, the next battle will be in terms of exclusives. Halo 5 made Xbox One October’s best-selling console which makes us believe that some exclusives are truly console sellers and a way for Xbox One to regain some lost ground.

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