The Silent Hill series has been known to be going down a slippery slope, With the most recent game being Silent Hill: Book of Memories and Silent Hill: Downpour being massive let downs to the fan base that have been waiting ever so long for the return of a game that can be compared to the original games. Silent Hill 1 – 4 were revered as some of the most amazing parts of the series (4 is debatable but that game will always be one of the best for me).

Earlier today there was a bizarre mess of “reveals” as should be expected, to filter through the mess and figure out the real from the fake is always the most difficult part of the job, but what if you have a trailer that can “somewhat” support the truth to the image that can be put under the “possibly fake” section of the file cabinet? silent-hill Now I know you are thinking “that is one heck of a PRECISE release date” and even I was surprised at first and was almost quick to brush it off but then I found what appears to be a short teaser that may or may not share a mutual connection with the above image:

Link to the teaser

If this is a hoax then I would say that the person went through a great deal of trouble to orchestrate such an elaborate scheme but this isn’t a Fallout game so you have the right to be skeptical. Better start packing. I hear Silent Hill is foggy this time of year. A good Silent Hill game would be truly welcomed, Kojima did say he would be part of the next Silent Hill game, could this mean that after a long time we will finally get a Silent Hill that can redeem the name of this once magnificent series and restore it to its former glory? What do you think of the leak? As opposed to the “Dishonored 2” leak, I would say that this holds more prudence since we have what appears to be a teaser to help support the possible existence of the game as opposed to an anonymous email.