A few days ago there was a leak about Dishonored 2, while a similar image also made an appearance for Jak 4 and many other hoax games, a new slide that has come into the hands of “Endless” of NeoGaf. According to the same source who gave them the initial image, the anonymous source has upped the ante with by giving Endless a new image that supposedly is an internal slide in Bethesda and highlights some of the important characteristics of Dishonored 2.

If you are curious about the email, then here is the new email from the same source:

Hi there,

I knew you would be man to talk to about what i saw about a week ago. Just so you know, what I gave you was part of an internal presentation of Bethesdas E3 2014 coverage.

Dishonored 2: Darkness of Tyvia is their only “new” title to be revealed at E3.

The whole presentation about D2 is now here as PNG-file. Check the attachment. We saw this as part of an interactive Powerpoint Presentation (more infos when they clicked on the fields, videos, etc)




As you can see there are a lot of new details that give the news a completely new light, for starters we at least know that there will be new protagonist, have multiplayer, will use the ID Tech 5 Engine, the game will come in 2016 and it will be a multi-platform release (Of course this doesn’t tell us if it will apply to previous generation consoles too; PS3 and Xbox 360)

It looks like Dishonored 2 might be more real than we originally anticipated.As you can see, this is a pretty strong rumor now and has already helped the rumor mill gain a good momentum. Of course you are still welcome to help yourself to plentiful pinches of salt, the leak does look surprisingly genuine but of course if the previous “Fallout 4” incidents have taught us anything, all that glitters might not really be gold.

Something that is really curious is the bottom right portion of the slide shows access to a beta of Doom by following THIS link which leads to a 404 (as is to be expected) Could this mean that we can also expect a new Doom game in the short future in the event that this slide is telling the truth? Dishonored in 2016 and Doom in the same year or the next would be a true dream come true for a LOT of fans!

Source: NeoGaf