From what the media has to say right now, virtual reality is absolutely bound to be the next big thing in gaming. The introduction of such technology is definitely going to change the dynamics of modern day gaming. It is clear that Sony is very ambitious about it’s VR program and wants to usher in a new era for console gaming through VR. In a recent interview, Sony corporate executive Shuhei Yoshida went on to say that the company’s upcoming PlayStation VR technology is an ultimate tools for developers that are ready to deliver new and exciting experiences.

We see a lot of hype going into the matter, and the question of how Sony’s PS4 console will handle VR when developers still have to put all their efforts in making it run their major triple A games at 1080p and 60 frames per second gets tossed around a lot. Well, we now know that to offer and maintain smooth virtual reality experience, PS4 will have to anchorage power from a separate source called “Processing Unit,” or simply PU. The device, once connected with your console, will receive the signals from PS4, split them up, apply a boost and send them to you’re head-set and television. Here’s how Sony describes the PU:

“We call it a PU, and it’s a box that takes the output from the PlayStation 4 and it splits it, splits it for something for the headset and something for the television… And it does this conversion of the 120Hz output of a PS4 that something a TV can display, and it doesn’t get warped. That let’s the people in the room that are there to see what you’re seeing.”

No official statements regarding the official release  date of the Virtual Reality head-sets have been made, however the Japanese console-maker has confirmed that its consumers should expect the PlayStation VR to arrive nest year-2016.

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Source: TweakTown