Virtual Reality or simply VR is considered to be the next big thing for the gaming industry. Many saw complete virtual experience as a near possibility, with HTC’s introduction of Vive head-mounted display (HMD) and its Room Scale user-tracking. Provided by Valve the system as explained by vrfocus allows players to walk around in the real world and be tracked via laser-based device known as Lighthouse. The movements tracked by the Lighthouse would then be transmitted as input, replicating real-time movements in the virtual world.

Richard Marks, Director of the PlayStation Magic and the man behind Sony’s PlayStation VR made some very interesting comments at the  VR Intelligence Conference and Expo (VRX) in San Francisco, California. He was introduced as follows:

“Play in VR is a fantastic experience, whether it be flying a spaceship in a dogfight, leaning out a car door in a high-speed shootout, rotating abstract blocks thru a neon tunnel, or leading a giant mech into multiplayer combat. The variety and intensity of play possibilities for VR is immensely compelling, and high quality consumer VR is about to become a reality. Richard Marks will share why game consoles offer many advantages for developing and experiencing this fantastic new way to play.”

Richard Marks siad during the session that SCE was not looking into walking-based input, which leads us to speculate that the VR would be a seated experience. However don’t let the news disappoint you, Sony in recent times has purchased SoftKinetic, a tech company working in hand-tracking for VR. This fact alone suggest that Sony may be planning to include some very advanced level of inputs in the times to come.

The news for many wasn’t a big surprise especially considering the  fact that current level of hardware is too outdated for VR use and Sony plans to release a “Processing Unit” with its VR that will be a necessity for achieving a virtual reality experience.

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