Piracy is not only common in the gaming world but in recent times has seen much growth. Although as time passed it became more and more difficult to pass through the copy right protection mechanics placed by different publishers but it was never made impossible. Alot of people these days rely on, often times, a small group of skilled personal who manage to crack and make available the latest, most anticipated and major game releases.

A notorious, China based, pirating group known as 3DM had to face a lot of problems due to an anti-piracy software developed by Denuvo Software Solutions The very public leader of the group, going by the name ” Bird Sister ” claimed the software to be very difficult to crack. Denuvo is the software being used to protect games like Just Cause 3, a game that as of yet isn’t available in a pirated version.

The group also caught the community with a surprise announcement stating that it would halt its operations for the year so to judge the actual impact of piracy on sales. This not only surprised but also made many publishers happy as many now expected more sales and profit. However, soon enough things took another unanticipated turn, which brings us here.

3DM is being criticized by its fans of failing them and that the group may have encountered technical problems which forced them to quit. However, this has somehow inspired the group which now is committed on bringing about a solution to Denuvo. “3DM will soon announce that we have a solution to the latest Denuvo encryption used on games including ‘FIFA 16’, ‘Just Cause 3’, and ‘Tomb Raider: The Rise’,” 3DM leader Bird Sister announced (via Torrentfreak).

“We [made this announcement] because a lot of players believe we have abandoned cracking due to technical problems, but we will prove it is not the case,” Bird Sister continues.

“We have not yet been stumped [by protection measures].”

Denuvo 3DM

‘Bird Sister’ (also known as Phoenix)

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