All in one PC’s are a great concept that combine all desktop components along with display into a single package. Apple’s iMac can be considered a good example. However most often the concept isn’t able to meet high expectations, especially in the gaming departments. Due to a shallow body and keeping true to a sort of “space efficiency” manufactures are left with little room for integrating high-end components into the mix. Origin’s Omni however is a different story.

Laptop-level parts are often used in such setups which have a notable negative impact on performance. Talking about graphics nothing beats  a desktop card in terms of performance. With games becoming ever more graphic-intensive it is obvious that all-in-one PC’s would not be a popular choice in the gaming community. Origin however has made an opposing stance with the announcement of Omni an all-in-one PC that not only packs a NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X, in the base unit, but wraps every thing up with a 3,440×1,440-pixel, 34-inch curved display.

Origin’s Omni will also come with the companies extreme customization options and build flexibility. Origin PC uses third-party components along with some of its own and making use of software the company tries to make a unique PC that would appeal to customers. The Omni supports up to an Intel Core i7 5960X processor, liquid cooling, and can fit a new Nvidia Titan X desktop graphics card. This can be considered an achievement because such components have only rarely, if not at all, been seen in all-in-one builds. Making use of a basic motherboard and a removable back allows swamping of components and hence gives owners more options for future customization.


Talking about display Onmi will feature a massive 34-inch of it, being curved the display would definitely be mouth-watering for many gamers. Omni will make its way to the market in the first quarter of 2016 however the real question would be about pricing. Origin has yet to comment on the selling price of the base unit however friends at cnet expect it to be around $2000.

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