After the benchmarks of Ashes of the Singularity were released a surprising development took place that was undermining Nvidia’s GPUs. Although the company even developed the 355.60 driver specifically for the game which in itself is a surprise as drivers for titles that are still in their development phases commonly don’t see such occurrences.

Nvidia’s Senior PR Manager, Brian Burke gave a detailed statement in order to address the issue:

This title is in an early Alpha stage according to the creator.  It’s hard to say what is going on with alpha software. It is still being finished and optimized. It still has bugs, such as the one that Oxide found where there is an issue on their side which negatively effects DX12 performance when MSAA is used. They are hoping to have a fix on their side shortly.

We think the game looks intriguing, but an alpha benchmark has limited usefulness.  It will tell you how your system runs a series of preselected scenes from the alpha version of Ashes of Singularity. We do not believe it is a good indicator of overall DirectX 12 gaming performance.

We’ve worked closely with Microsoft for years on DirectX 12 and have powered every major DirectX 12 public demo they have shown.  We have the upmost confidence in DX12,  our DX12 drivers and our architecture’s ability to perform in DX12.

When accurate DX12 metrics arrive, the story will be the same as it was for DX11.

Nvidia argues of a performance bug that resulted in the disappointing outcome however this has caused odds between the game developer,  Oxide Games and Nvidia, as the developers claimed ” Ashes of the Singularity in its pre-beta stage is as – or more – optimized as most released games. What’s the point of optimizing code 6 months after a title is released, after all? Certainly, things will change a bit until release. ”

Certainly as Wccftec puts it, there is no reason to believe why Nvidia GPUs wont take the same level of advantage as AMD GPUs will. Share you’re valued opinions in the comment section below.