The game of cat and mouse continues, TellTale games has once again given us a glimpse of things to come in the upcoming episode of the Walking Dead Season 2’s latest episode, A House Divided. The trailer shows us the visit of an unexpected character and what are a few things we can come to expect from the episode.

It appears that TellTale loves to play games with us, even though they have already put a date of “Early March” as a release window, there still isn’t a proper date for you to circle on your calender so don’t hold your breath any time soon. At least it’s not another Half-Life 3 … Right?

Currently the trailer is only available on IGN’s website and starts at the 2:15 mark.

Click Here to see the trailer

As you can see, there will be a chain of unfortunate events taking place through out the game and one can only wonder what lies in store for those of us who are wondering the fate of the end game decision we make.

We are now entering the 3rd month of the wait for the next episode, any more wait or having a change of release date might just make many anxious fans all the more agitated than they already are, but I am sure many will hardly notice the game since it is coming at a time where we will see the release of other AAA titles on our favorite platforms.

If you have yet to play the original episode or Season 1 & 400 days, then now is the time for you to dive into them as the entire trip will only take you < an hour an episode if you already have the hang of Season 2’s first episode.

In other news, Timmy’s dad continues to show his patience for TellTales game of waiting.

just about each of us right now.

just about each of us right now.