Update: As expected, the rumor has been debunked. It has been pointed out by a source that this claim is false. The agreement in question only concerns the services provided to the users directly from Microsoft, and does not apply to Windows 10. This simply means that the company can has the right to block your access to services such as Bing or Xbox Live, but it can do little to nothing to remotely disable a copy of a third-party software installed on your computer. You can read more about it here.

Original Story:
Recent reports by a major website, PC and Tech Authority, claim that Microsoft would be able to disable counterfeit software programs and hardware. Initially the word spread as a rumor but has been picked up by many other major blogs. It is being interpreted by many that the End User Agreement contains a clause that gives Microsoft such authority over the users of its operating system.

Section 7b of the End User Agreement or also known as Updates to the Services or Software, and Changes to These Terms states that Microsoft “may automatically check your version of the software and download software update or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the Services, playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorised hardware peripheral devices.”

This in simple words would mean that if you’re running any pirated or unauthorized content such as a game, Microsoft would be able to shut it down. Bad news for pirates. We don’t know exactly in which domain will the unauthorized hardware fit in or what do the people at Microsoft have in mind, many in the community have been subject to confusion over the matter and await for a clarification from the company.

Piracy has been major issue in PC gaming and especially when it comes to Microsoft who had to face a tough time even for their Xbox 360 back in the days. The problem has grown ever since and even is flourishing in Android and other OS. This step by Microsoft might help to attract more indie developers who fear the day when their work would be stolen.

Windows 10 was announced in early 2014 and officially made it to the personal computer of many in July 29, 2015 it has not been long and the operating system has impressed many greatly due to the fact that old mistakes were not repeated. It has also been suggested that about 45 million devices are currently using Windows 10 which is in itself a major achievement.

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