Taking you a bit into the past, one of the biggest news for Xbox One came at E3 gaming expo in June, when Microsoft announced its plans to introduce Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on Xbox One. Although this feature was a big step forward for the Xbox One, but its true potential is slowly emerging to be even bigger. Many developers are now using this feature in their promotional schemes, they are now offering last-gen games, when you buy the latest release in their franchises. Such as a case with Fallout 4, when you’ll buy the game on Xbox One, you’ll get a copy of Fallout 3 for free. This in the end is a major benefit to the consumer especially to those who are new to the franchise.

Backward compatibility is also bringing other incentives where as in contrast, Sony with its PlayStation Now will charge you for streaming PlayStation 3 games on your PlayStation 4, games which you may have bought a long time ago.

The next major step was taken when Microsoft announced Windows 10 for the Xbox. With this, your Xbox One will actually be a PC that offers little of everything. It isn’t hardcore gaming platform, but if not that, it is better. It will cater to your gaming as well as entertainment needs, and with proper Microsoft Edge implementation, you can just buy a wireless mouse and keyboard, and jump into your bed, and do all the work from there on your TV.

Microsoft did note make a hard-core gaming machine, but compensated its losses through greater versatility. However it is also important to be mentioned that in areas such as VR, Xbox One is on the down side. With Sony all set to release the PlayStation VR next year, it is hard to not take that into consideration while thinking about getting a new console.

Although some in the community argue that Oculus Rift would inevitably become Xbox One’s answer to Sony’s VR head-set. However a counter argument is in existent with friends at forbes covering it in detail. Some people are claiming that Xbox One was a complete fail, but looking at how Microsoft is trying to turn the tide, we may see a steady rise for the Xbox One.

It is simply impossible to judge which console is better as both offer pros and cons in their own unique manner. Do share you’re valued opinions in the comment section below and let us know what you think.