The Division is the latest installment in the “Tom Clancy” video game series, after earning a name for the series through the Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games this game will not be like any other and will instead be completely focusing on the online aspect.

There was a community Q&A session in which select questions were picked and answered by the developers, one of them asked about the presence of Single Player in the game.

dark_grom : Can I jump between “single player mode” and multiplayer mode with the same character?

The game is built around seamless online integration. Going from playing alone, to playing in a group, to playing PvP will all be handled with very little or no interruption.

Basically, this means that much like any other MMO, you can choose to do missions, exploration etc as a lone wolf and when you find it befitting to tag along or form a group of your own to make the challenging missions more do-able then you have the freedom to do so at your own discretion too.

Could this be the first AAA Ubisoft Title without a dedicated Singleplayer?Considering the game should be pretty late in the development cycle, spending the time and effort for a single player portion would be fruitless. Don’t expect an offline patch anytime soon.



While this is to be expected, the absence of a single player campaign in a Tom Clancy game is something that will surely be missed considering these were the renowned aspects of some his better games.

The Division still hasn’t gotten a proper release date and there has been speculation of the game being pushed to a 2015 release date since 2014 isn’t looking like a realistic target for the developers.

If you are unfamiliar with “The Division”, then I highly recommend you look into the trailers and screenshots surrounding it especially the E3 2013 footage of it, which truly shows the game at its finest!

This game and Watch_Dogs will certainly very high expectations for the players around, both games have set the bar very high but will they be able to meet the expectations?