While using mobile data, the main problem that by most users face is excessive data consumption. If you are on a limited data package, apps, especially browsers consuming excessive data can be a problem. Keeping this in mind, Google has updated their Chrome for Android Browser, and gave its feature, Data Saver, an upgrade that will allow users to save up to 70 percent of data compared to the data consumed without Data Saver feature. This makes a huge difference and allows users to save a good chunk of bandwidth. If you normally use 100 MB of data while browsing, it will now be reduced to 30 MB, which means that you get to save 70 MB of precious data.

Previously, Data Saver only helped users with up to 50 percent of data savings. These savings are made by passing webpages through Google’s own servers.  This data saving feature has already been available for some time now. However, this new update gives Data Saver a heavy upgrade.

In order to provide users with 70 percent data savings, Chrome removes most of the images on a page when it detects that the internet connection is too slow. Once the page loads up, you can tap on the backgrounds of the images that you want to see. When you tap your desired images, they will appear. Also, a pop-up will appear offering to load all the images, you will be able to load all the images through this pop-up if you wish to do so. This will make browsing smooth and fast, and of course, save you lots of data.

The new update will roll out in Indonesia and India first, with other regions set to follow in the coming months. If you want to start saving data and want to turn Data Saver on, go to Settings->Advanced->Data Saver.