The update every clasher was waiting for is finally near. The official announcement of Town Hall 11 for Clash of Clans was made at the ClashCon this weekend.

One of the highest grossing mobile games is finally receiving a new update that will include an upgrade for Town Hall. Up until now, Town Hall level 10 was the highest level you could upgrade your Town Hall to. However, in the next update, clashers will be blessed with more fun and new strategies to test.

The developer has confirmed four upgrades that the latest update will come packed with:

  1. Town Hall 11
  2. Expanded Land
  3. New Defensive Building
  4. New Hero



Town hall 11 is what every Clash of Clans player has been eagerly waiting for. During ClashCon, it was made clear that the map size will be increased to 44×44. Names for both the new defense building and the new hero have not been revealed yet. In a teaser video that was released during the event, there were three question marks “???” in place of their names. However, the design of the new defensive building is revealed. It looks like kind of like an eagle in shape. The new hero on the other hand, is just shown as as silhouette of the real design.

Feast your eyes upon with this video that includes some information about the new update.

This is apparently the biggest update for Clash of Clans ever. The new defense in the update is destructive as shown in the video and takes 4×4 space. The developer, Supercell, announced that Town Hall 11 will get a sneak peek starting November 23.

The update is expected to be released in December, however, no official statement has been made in this regard. The new update will most probably involve the top players only unless there is something special for the comparatively low-level players too.