Drift0r, a YouTube user who became well known after telling some rather accurate facts about Call of Duty: Ghosts, he had proven through his first experience that he can be taken as a trust worthy source and it seems that he is returning once again to spill the beans on the upcoming Call of Duty iteration headed by Sledgehammer games, the last time the studio worked on a Call of Duty game was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 but will the new game be a way for them to redeem themselves?

Call of Duty has become a tiring name in the industry, their annual releases have run their course and pushing these games out annually has definitely gotten on a lot of nerves as of late.

Call of Duty: Titanfall confirmed? You would think that Activision would take a hint and move away from the annual deal but they instead took Sledgehammer studios under their wing now so that they have 3 studios working on a Call of Duty Game every year now and as a sign on bonus appointed Sledgehammer the job of making this years annual Call of Duty.

In his YouTube video Drift0r talks about the futuristic turn of Call of Duty, whether we will revisit the Black Ops 2 era, go beyond it or maybe take the path of Titanfall is still the million dollar question on everyone’s mind.

He further talks about the improved lighting details (Will the trees move away when players walk towards them?), the presence of the giant gun in Titanfall and even a map that looks like something out of the movie “Oblivion”.

According to him the new Call of Duty game is currently called “Blacksmith” which could just be a code name?

While you have every right to be skeptical and take each of these with a grain of salt you should keep in mind that he was spot on about many predictions pertaining to Call of Duty: Ghosts, due to that his credibility related to this version should definitely be strong and we can be assured of an appearance at this years E3.

I guess this means that the rumor of Black Ops 3 coming can finally be laid to rest.

Still skeptical? have a look at his video relating to Ghosts from a year ago.