If you are ever so curious about the Achievements or trophies that will be tagged along with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, then you shouldn’t be worried. The game doesn’t appear to have any “challenging” achievements or trophies as such and the list is pretty doable but at the same while will also be fun to get as you have to do some pretty stupid things for certain achievements, but since the entire idea of Borderlands games revolves around the idea of stupid and crazy, it would be absolute hypocrisy to NOT make a bat-shit crazy list of achievements to make players go out of their way to get these achievements for the sake of completion.

If you are serious about the story of this game, I suggest you proceed from here with caution, there may be story spoilers somewhere in this mess and if you happen to read something as such then it will be your loss, but on the other hand there are plenty of other great games coming out sooner that will surely make you forget about the spoiler by the time you get your hands on this particular game. Are you feeling brave? Let’s take a look at the achievement / trophy list! Courtesy of Exophase.

Considering the achievements of the previous games, I don’t see any difficulty for the people who already have 1000 / 1000 G or Platinums in the prior games, this game will definitely be a grind for the most part as are most RPG games but since the game is pretty fun to play and we will see an entirely new story line / universe being explored I am sure that the grinding in this game will definitely be the most rewarding aspect, I am really curious to see how the final game will hold up considering the change in setting and overhaul that they have taken towards developing the series.

So, will you achievement / trophy hunters take the challenge of adding this 1000 G / Platinum to your proud collection?

Source: Exophase