Beyond: Two Souls was a game that spoke volumes upon its release on the PS3. The game had received many accolades as well as criticisms because of the story and other aspects, but that still didn’t impede the games mission to deliver a unique approach of story telling with some of the most tantalizing graphics on the PS3.  Now it appears that the game could be coming to the PS4 if a handful of images hold any truth to them.

It seems that the PS4 has quite a line up of games to help give the limited library a boost, albeit the games are being borrowed from the generation gone-by; with Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and the more recent confirmation of “The Last of Us” coming to the PS4 being proof that many studios had preplanned the porting of these games to the new console.

The images below are taken from this post on NeoGaf:


Dragonbane says he found this image on a programmers LinkedIn profile which now has the image removed.

As you can see, that is indeed a dualshock 4 controller with one of the preset tabs giving a hint of “beyond” and some of the button mappings being assigned to the controller are “Posession”, “Blast” and “Throttle” all of which are capabilities of Aiden in the game.

As you can see, one of the above images has a mention of a “Directors Cut”, much like Heavy Rain’s lesser known DLC by the name of “The Taxidermist” there could be content that was left out of the main game that can be included in the main game when re-released. If so, then the Shahman village from the pictures could be truly amazing to explore.

The above post also mentions the following statement which can be retraced to Here, Simon Wasselin’s website who was part of the game design team over at Quantic Dream studios for Beyond: Two Souls.

Some scenes in BEYOND are more based on gameplay, so the work on our part was a bit heavier. Unfortunately, for reason from production delay to overall coherence, a part of these scenes didn’t make it to the final game.

Even though most of this information could be inadmissible or just as easily believable. I would encourage you to take this news with healthy grains of salt but lets also not forget the skepticism that surrounded players when strong rumors of “The Last of Us” for PS4 were making rounds all over the Internet.

I believe that some sale figures did put Beyond: Two Souls at having 1 Million copies sold after its release, so porting it over to the PS4 could help boost sales and enhance the library of video games available on the console. The game already looks drop dead gorgeous on such dated hardware, with the PS4’s hardware the game can look absolutely spectacular and take video game graphics realism to new heights! Just look at what Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition did for the game.

So, what do you make of this? I for one would love to replay the directors cut if they included some previously unaccessible content!