The 4th installment to everyone’s favourite batman game developed by Rocksteady has finally been announced. Batman: Arkham Knight and is headed for the next-gen consoles, which are the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, alongside PC aswell. If you’re wondering about the previous-generation consoles such as the PS3 and the Xbox 360 then you can find it here  that it’s not going to happen, looks like this arkham game is purely aimed to be a next-generation title. Warner Bros, the publisher to the Arkham title’s took the honours to announce this news.

Other details revealed were that Arkham Knight will take place in Gotham city which will be 5 times bigger then the one in the 2nd installment known as Arkham City. The game will also feature a drivable Batmobile, we will also see Villans return to Arkham once again, like the likes of Scarecrow, Two-Faced , Penguin  and Harley Quinn. Speaking of Harley Quinn. For the first-time ever, Rocksteady will be letting us play as Harley Quinn if you pre-order the game

“We kind of feel like this is the natural end for this story, We really want to go out in style.The game will not include multiplayer.It’s going to take all of our effort for all of this time. We don’t have the time to do multiplayer. We want to focus on making the best single-player experience we can.” said game director, Sefton Hill .


Though some would argue that the 3rd installment,  Arkham Origins was not up to the mark that rocksteady’s first 2 titles has set for the Arkham series. We are glad to see the Rocksteady, the Original developers to the Arkham series have returned to once again do what they do best, make an amazing Batman Arkham game.

Also to clear up some general misunderstandings, The batman portrayed is not the same man we saw in the first 3 Arkham games, actually, according to Gameinformer, it’s another character. More details will come up but expect a lot of similarities with the original protagonist, Bruce Wayne.

A link to a series of 47 photos give you a though idea of what Arkham Knight’s story is and the  most recent developments to this project.

Gamestop has also added the title to their catalogue with a release date of 10/14/14 or 10th October ,2014. Here is a picture to clarify


Details have also been spilled about what you can expect in the game through this log of “gameplay tweaks” which include, combat, general and more importantly, the batmobile.


Rocksteady rethought the entire city structure to accommodate the Batmobile and street traffic
Arkham Knight is built on a “juiced up” version of the a custom Unreal Engine to make use of the Xbox One and PS4.
By not being cross-gen they’ve been able to push what the machines can do
Rocksteady describe Arkham Knight as “a real, genuine next-gen game”
There is no multiplayer in Arkham Knight. Rocksteady is focused on “making the best single-player experience it can” and doesn’t feel it needs multiplayer.
“Arkham Knight” is also the name of a new archrival that was created from scratch by DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, known for his work on Green Lantern and Justice League.
The character will “really challenge Batman to go head to head with him in lots of different ways”
Kevin Conroy is going to be voicing Batman, Nolan North will be voicing Penguin, Wally Wingert will be doing Riddler, Tara Strong returns as Harley Quinn and Troy Baker will be Two-Face

Batman begins with his traditional Arkham City suit but gets a darker plated one later in the game. It adds new abilities and has continuity with the look of the Batmobile
Arkham Knight is the end “of the later timeline”
Game Informer says Rocksteady isn’t saying what’s next but “it’s most definitely not Batman related”
The finale has been in mind since the development of Arkham City
Arkham Knight takes place in a new central zone of Gotham City, which is split into three island and is in total roughly five times the size of Arkham City
Rocksteady is emphasising the detail is more important than the scale of the world. They don’t want to create the biggest open-world, they want to create the richest, densest and most vibrant
There is more space in between buildings to make the environments “traffic-friendly” and it becomes more fun to glide around
Game Informer says the level of details is some of the most impressive its seen
Arkham Knight takes place one year after Arkham City
Joker is dead and crime rate has declined
Batman continues to work on tech to fight crime, even with less of it around
He knows something isn’t right, but needs to wait to see what happens
With the Joker gone, other key villains have spent time coming together to plan Batman’s downfall
Each villain has his/her own mission in the city and it’s intended to spread Batman thin
Scarecrow has threatened to blow up bombs in gotham and cover it with a new version of his fear toxin, so the city is ordered to evac
Only criminals remain in the city; Gordon and his forces have been overwhelmed
In the demo there are between four and five times the number of thugs in Gotham City than in Arkham
Riots can feature up to 50 characters destroying things
Two-Face and Penguin are killing cops, because they can
Batman meets with Gordon and gives him tech to stay in contact
All of the game’s cutscenes take place in-engine, there are no pre-rendered cinematics. They are seamlessly integrated.
Rocksteady is trying to take the level of in-game detail to the pre-rendered level
Albert Feliu, lead character artist, says the polygon count on one character in Arkham Knight is as big as the count of the whole Arkham Asylum environment
The detail in Gordon’s face shows his age and it wrinkles as he talks
Apex cloth physics are being used on Batman’s cape and Gordon’s trench coat so they react properly to wind and movement
Although Jim Gordon believes she’s gone, his daughter Barbara, a.k.a. Oracle is in the city and helping Batman
Oracle is a “strong character” and is a character Batman physically meets as opposed to just a voice he hears
She knows Batman’s identity and is used to give him a human side
Arkhamverse Barbara lines up with comic continuity in that she was paralysed by the Joker
Batman knows Barbara is in the city and Jim Gordon believes she is not, the deception may become a plot point
A new streamlined control option is used to tell batman to sprint to the nearest ledge and dive straight down
Grapnel Gun now has a Mark 2 boost upgrade and slingshots Batman
Line launcher returns to give Batman perch points and ziplines can be created instantly while flying around
All quickfire gadgets, such as Batarangs, can be used in mid-air
The classic counter system also returns. Rocksteady doesn’t want to overcomplicate it as it thinks the strength is in the simplicity
However, it has enhanced it somewhat with new features
Normal goons can now do the charge and tackle only the larger enemies could in previous games
A well timed backflip and Batarang can be used to instantly KO enemies doing a charge
Batman now has quick ground strikes but full ground takedowns are still available, though they take longer to execute
Batman can glide through glass surfaces
He has throw counters that grabs enemies and launches them into another for double damage
Hazards in the environment such as power generators can be mixed into combat
Riddler appears in the demo to put the Batmobile to the test in a three-lap time trial through the underground tunnels of Gotham, but to the only way to make it through is to use a special radar pulse that alters parts of the track
Players click the left stick to move obstacles while driving at high speeds and the course gets difficult with every lap
Riddler has a plan for Batman and the city too, beyond testing his skills
Batman still has detective vision
He can access grates from further away, when in range a button prompt appears and he’ll roll forward to get under it
From a grate it’s possible to initiate multiple takedowns, as one enemy is grabbed the action slows and the camera can be pointed in the direction of another enemy.
“Fear Takedowns” can be used on groups of three enemies as long as they’re close together and none of them spot Batman
The demo ends with a mysterious villain describes as a “militaristic Batman” with what looks like an “Arkham A” on his chest appears to land a jump kick on Batman and stomp him. He points a gun at Batman and the screen fades to black as the shot is fired.

Batmobile is designed to be “the best car in any game ever”, it takes up around 160mb of memory in game and will just about fit in an Xbox 360 (if that was the whole game). There are hundreds of thousands of polygons, as well as textures and shaders used on it
Batmobile is the only car Batman has access to in the game
It zooms to your location at the touch of the button
It can do burnouts, jumps, boosts and “rotate in a circle at a full stop to get you pointed in the right direction
It is bulletproof and can smash through barricades, trees and building corners
Enemies will try and jump out of its way
Driving gameplay is balanced with out-of-car gameplay so players don’t just stay in it all the time
While Batmobile has speed and damage Batman has a better freedom of movement and gadgets,
Players can swap between the two based on what the job requires
Batmobile can missile lock and fire an immobilizer at enemy vehicles
Batmobile is designed to segue perfectly with Batman and his navigational skills
When within range of a key point Batman can eject out of the Batmobile and launch himself into a fast glide

Source : Polygon