Batman: Arkham Knight is a highly anticipated 2015 title, and rightly deserves to have fan hype around it since it will finally tell us what happens after the events of Arkham City and sadly will conclude the Arkham chapter. The game has had a slew of gameplay videos revealed with the most recent showing being at the past E3 where we see the new Batmobile wreaking havoc in Gotham followed by Batman finding The Penguin and about to give him a beat down but is abruptly ended when we find out that everything we just saw on the screen was part of Scarecrow’s hallucinogen. Though Arkham Knight will have the Scarecrow as a primary villain, we will also see the appearance of a new foe who appears to be on par if not superior to our caped vigilante and even appears to be capable enough to bring him down!

The latest gameplay videos appear to be from a private screening behind closed doors, but sadly unlike other closed doors events in the past, there were still people in the crowd in possession of their cell phones and they were able to record parts of the screen in order to capture the memory permanently in their phone and be able to circulate them on the internet. There are two gameplay videos and if we are to trust the videos at all we can only assume that we are looking at the first ~15 minutes of the game, but this might just be a promotional version of the game and we might see a completely different opening when the game releases.  If you are curious about the game play and can tolerate a shaky cam / guessing what is on the missing portion of the screen then take a look at the videos below:

Leaked ‘BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT’ Gameplay PART 1/2! @SuperheroReport from SUPERHERO REPORT on Vimeo.

Leaked ‘BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT’ Gameplay PART 2/2! @SuperheroReport from SUPERHERO REPORT on Vimeo.

As you can see, the videos are indeed pretty difficult to discern but there can be no doubt that they are indeed genuine. Otherwise I will have to admire the handiwork of a dedicated fan to go through all the trouble of fabricating all of the footage and making it look THIS authentic. For those of you who are still wondering how far the game is, you will have to wait an additional 9 months to enjoy the game, the new slated release date for the game is June 2nd 2015. Though if the above videos are any indication of what to expect from the game then you shouldn’t worry and be glad that the developers decided to push the release date and work on the game further in order to deliver a more optimized and bug free game as opposed to releasing a broken game and giving us the patch by patch treatment towards making the game more “stable”

Since I am not to keen on spoilers, I have not watched much of the videos but only seen enough to know that this is indeed pretty legit, if you have watched the videos then I would love to know what you think of the game from the bits you have seen? Do you think Arkham Knight could be the game that can send this marvelous series off the way it deserves?