Apple is the world’s largest information technology company, speaking in terms of revenue. The company owes its fortune or at-least part of it to the massively selling iPhone’s. Apple with the launch of iPhone 6 and 6S Plus made an entire campaign around the camera of their smart phones. Apple now reveals the secret that enabled them to make cameras that truly made many to beg for it.

In an interview for 60 minutes Apple’s senior director for camera hardware development, Charlie Rose explained the reason for Apple’s camera of being so “special” is that each module is made up of 200 individual parts, with Graham Townsend adding that the company has a workforce of more than 800 engineers, working for the development of iPhone’s amazing camera.

A particularly amazing fact revealed by Townsend would be that each module make use of four wires with diameters less than that of human hair to create a sort of “microsuspension” paving way for the iPhone’s stabilization feature, which comes in real handy for shaky hands. He further continued by claiming that this single part feeds into the “20 billion” operations conducted into snapping a single picture.

The iSight (primary camera of your iPhone) uses Apple’s self-designed large f/2.2 aperture allowing for more light to pass through for better and clearer images. iSight’s Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) plays a very crucial part in refining the final image, the feature works by taking four individual images and merging them into one. As explained by mailonline the system uses the phone’s chip, gyroscope and motion co-processor to measure motion data and provide precise lens movement, and was designed specifically to compensate for shaking hands.

Apple iPhone 6

‘People love to take pictures with iPhone,’ explained Apple. ‘In fact, it’s the most popular camera in the world.’

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