AMD’s new drivers for their Graphic Cards known has Crimson Drivers have gained a lot of attention from the gaming community. The drivers have been successfully able to offer generous performance boost in many games live CS: Go. Although only a few days have passed since the initial release of the drivers, but users have started to report bugs and issues that may potentially kill off GPU’s.

In several cases the new drivers are limiting the speeds to 20-30%. This paves a path towards overheating especially when the cards are being utilized for high demanding games like GTA V and Fall Out 4. The drivers are still available on the manufacturer’s website and the company as of yet has made no comments.

AMD users however can opt for a temporary solution, detailed here. This will allow you to set your fan speed to auto meaning the GPU it self adjust fan speeds in accordance with its requirements. The solution is temporary because after a reboot the defaults will kick in again. Another alternate would be the use of utilities such has MSI’s Afterburn and/or Speedfan.

Many users who have lost their cards due to the bug are voicing their expectations of getting some sort of compensation from the manufacturer. Are you using Crimson Drivers, have anything to say? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

UPDATE: AMD acknowledges Crimson drivers issues, will bring about a hotfix sometime today