AMD has been all over the news but not for the right reasons. Only a couple of days have passed since the company released it’s new Crimson drivers with the hopes of providing their GPU’s with performance boost. However several reports started coming regarding bugs and issues that have the potential to kill of users GPU’s. User’s have claimed that the new drivers limit fan speeds to around 20-30% causing the cards to overheat in graphically intensive games like GTA V and Fallout 4.

AMD has recognized the issue and in a statement made via twitter, the company claims to be working on a hotfix that is going to arrive sometime today. AMD states ” We are aware of low fan speed reports on select GPUs with Radeon Software Crimson Edition. We intend to publish a hotfix on Monday. ”

It is important to know that AMD GPU’s have a fail-safe system in place, a sort of thermal protection built into the hardware and any card will throttle once it reaches its thermal limit before reaching a temperature that could damage the card in a permanent manner. However it is also to note that even reaching such temperatures may cause some damage to the internal components of the card.

Friends at wccftech are aiming to test those controls by placing a 290X “through a torture test to see precisely what conditions need to occur before any thermal controls come into play. This’ll also test precisely what will happen and what controls there are in place.”

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